How to write website copy that sells: 6 tips to improve your website copy RIGHT now + website copywriting examples!

Are you wondering how to write website copy? Or how to write copy that actually converts?

Copywriting is an art and a balancing act- there are so many angles to consider (and huge mistakes that a lot of people are accidentally making)! 

With website copy, you’re writing to:

  • Compel an audience to act
  • Authentically communicate your brand
  • Appease the search engine (copywriting for SEO!)
  • Guide users in an easy-to-follow website conversion and purchasing journey
  • Capture a website visitor’s tiny 10-15 second attention span before they click “back!”

So how can you do it all? Start with these basic tips to drastically improve your copy! Note: these DON’T include tips for SEO copywriting because that’s its own beast 😂 Download my FREE guide, the Ultimate Website & Blogging SEO Checklist for Beginners to get all the tips and tricks on copywriting for SEO.

How to write website copy that converts


Seriously, cut your copy in half. With website copy, less is often more.

If the website looks cluttered with copy in a tiny font size, it’s overwhelming for visitors and it becomes a chore to read it all. The key to driving conversions on your website is to make it as easy as possible for the user to make a purchase.

“But I have a LOT I need to say!” — Great! Challenge yourself to say it in fewer words, or write a full blog post about that aspect of your business and link to it from the main page! You can also break copy up with drop downs, rotating canvases, opaque images that reveal text, etc.

The worst thing you can do on your website is get caught up using needless jargon and winding explanations trying to “sound professional.” Tell website visitors exactly what your product or service is immediately and succinctly in plain language to reduce confusion and streamline the conversion journey.

Write compelling headlines

Be intentional. You have less than 15 seconds to win a website visitor over before they hit that “back” button!

How exactly do you do this? Write headlines that speak to your customer’s problems directly. Make the copy about them and what they’re feeling, not about you.

Website copy example:

Bad: Premiere life coaching services

Good: You deserve to be happy. We help you rediscover your purpose and overcome your limiting mindset.


Do it once, then do it again! Then, get a second pair of eyes on it. You wouldn’t believe how often I see websites riddled with spelling errors or typos, or how many times I’ve written website copy, proofread it multiple times, then hit “publish” and then immediately noticed errors that I completely missed.

Tip: Proofreading multiple times back to back won’t work. Let some time pass between proofreads so you can come back to it with fresh eyes!

Use creative calls to action

Give your audience a clear path to conversion with direct calls to action. Even well designed, gorgeous websites with good copywriting will fail to convert if the path to action isn’t clearly dictated to the customer.

As you’re working down a website page, there should be a guided flow of call to actions and buttons that tells the user what to do next, and entices them to WANT to take that action.

Tip: Be creative with button as long as it’s still presenting a clear call to action! Go beyond “Explore” “Contact” or “Learn more.” You can say things like “I’m ready” or “I want to transform” or “I need this right now!” on your buttons to show a little personality!

Do you have any questions about how to write website copy? Let us know in the comments or contact us to help you write yours!

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