10 common coaching website mistakes to avoid

It’s hard to get coaching clients. Maybe you’re creating your own coaching website, looking at coaching website templates, or need for inspiration for your coaching website design. No matter what kind of coach you are or what stage you’re at with you’re website, make sure you aren’t making any of these critical common coaching website mistakes!

If you have an existing website and are making any of these mistakes, it’s okay– they’re easily correctable! And I’m spilling all my secrets and step-by-step solutions for coaching websites that convert in this FREE guide, Common Coaching Website Mistakes & Exactly How to Avoid Them (With Solutions & Examples!). Download it now! Or if you just want the checklist without the solutions and examples, read on!

Common coaching website mistakes that are driving your potential clients away

1. It’s unclear what exactly you do when I land on your website (too much jargon and “fluff”)

2. You try to include way too much information (cluttered copy)

3. You don’t use great images of yourself (brand photoshoots are a must- photos help people connect with you!)

4. You butcher the “About” page. Yes, it should be about you- but only as it relates and resonates with your client!

5. Your website loads slowly (this will KILL your SEO and send visitors straight to the “back” button to your competitors).

6. There’s no clear customer pathway (direct calls to action and laying out the process of working with you SIMPLY is key)

7. Broken links and crappy mobile optimization

8. Not using a lead magnet to grow your email list (email is the HIGHEST converting digital marketing tool!)

9. You don’t update your website with new content (you HAVE to blog to drive traffic and offer value to potential clients that establishes trust in your expertise!)

10. You spend too much time tinkering with the website until it’s “perfect” and delay launching

If you fix these common mistakes on coaching websites, you’re on your way to learning how to stand out as a coach! Don’t forget- download my FREE guide, Common Coaching Website Mistakes & Exactly How to Avoid Them (With Solutions & Examples!). And if you have any questions after that, leave a comment below- I’ll be happy to help with your dream website and answer any questions you have!

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10 common coaching website mistakes & how to avoid them (with examples!)


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