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Are you an entrepreneur or small business with a website that isn’t bringing you leads? Are you struggling to get eyes on your content, putting a ton of effort into blogs with no readers, and getting a trickle of website traffic with no conversions? Then you’re in the right place! I’m sharing some of the […]

SEO tips for beginners and entrepreneurs 

seo tips & tricks for blogs 2024

“Should I build my website on Squarespace or Showit?” I see this question all the time, and it’s no wonder why. There are so many website builder platforms, so you’re not alone if you’re struggling to decide which one is the right investment for your business!  Before I jump into the details of what I […]

Why I switched from Squarespace to Showit- How to choose a website builder platform

squarespace vs. showit for website building

So you’ve started a business- yay! While a lot of people who start businesses have imaginative, passionate, well thought out ideas for products or services, many fail miserably with brand identity and positioning. Why is branding so important? Because business is all about relationships- especially the saturated world of online businesses! Your branding is what […]

How to create a brand identity that attracts your dream clients (8 steps!)

tips for branding a new business

Like everything good in life, a happy, functional website requires upkeep! Enter these website maintenance tips for entrepreneurs! Care, attention, and a little basic maintenance are an important part of keeping your website humming along happily, both with the Google algorithm (healthy SEO!) and with your potential customers. As your most important- and potentially most […]

How to get the most from your website: 5 website maintenance tips for entrepreneurs 

what kind of maintenance does a website need

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5 action steps to convert prospects to clients on your website

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Hello there, I'm Sarah! I'm the founder and CEO of SO Digital + Design: a website design studio that empowers small businesses, entrepreneurs, & creators to achieve their wildest dreams with show-stopping, strategic websites.

After I left my career in marine science for a fancy corporate Fortune 100 job that wasn't for me, I couldn't figure out why a claustrophobic 9-5 desk job had become the norm. Despite the pressure to be something that I never wanted to be, I said f*ck it, tossed the rule book out the window, & started my own business! 

Now? I'm RELENTLESSLY passionate about about creating show-stopping, strategy-driven websites for people like you! I live in Washington DC with the love of my life and get all my design inspiration from my travels: jungles in Cambodia, glaciers in Iceland, retro record shops in London, & art galleries in every corner of the world from Barcelona to Brooklyn. I spend most my time museum hopping, eating as much world class cuisine as humanly possible, & creating statement, brag-worthy websites and brands.